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5 Ways That AI Is Helping Artists Be More Creative

AI might become the artist& 39;s best friend rather than making them obsolete in the future. Here we explore some ways in which AI is actually helping improve artists& 39; lives rather than threaten their livelihoods.RELATED: IF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE DOES NOT DESTROY THE WORLD, IT COULD MAKE YOU A BETTER CREATIVECan a computer be creative?
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SpaceX Launches 60 More Starlink Satellites After Unfriendly Weather Delays

SpaceX makes picture-perfect launch of 60 more Starlink satellites, following weather delays.September 03, 2020SpaceX lifted another batch of Starlink Satellites into low-Earth orbit on Thursday, after trivial delays, according to a live stream shared on the company& 39;s YouTube page.RELATED: SPACEX& 39;S STARLINK PRIVATE BETA WILL START THIS SUMMERSpaceX launches 60 more Starlink satellitesThe two-stage Falcon 9 rocket lifted a full load of 60 Starlink satellites into the Florida sky at 8:46 AM EDT from Pad 39A, at NASA& 39;s Kennedy Space Center, reports Space.
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Drag Race: Tesla Model S Raven Takes On Acura NSX

Watch this Acura NSX face the Tesla S Raven, and see which one wins the drag race.March 03, 2020Tesla has made some impressive advances in electric car technology, but this progress also applies to the world of supercars and drag racing.Tesla versus AcuraIn the video, Brooks from Drag Times opens with ambivalent sentiments regarding the modern Acura NSX.
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These Students Successfully Engineered a Hybrid Rocket Engine

The engine uses paraffin and a novel nitrous oxide-oxygen mixture called Nytrox.September 14, 2020They say if you stay the course and persevere, you will succeed. This is what a bunch of students from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign discovered.The pupils had set a very lofty goal for themselves: to build a hybrid rocket engine that uses paraffin and a novel nitrous oxide-oxygen mixture called Nytrox.
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