Quad Micro Bar: Big things come from small packages

Quad Micro Bar: Big things come from small packages

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The Quad Micro Bar aka the QMB comes from the designer Joe Warren, who knows that the best things often come in small packages. In this case, bigger things come from a small package as the QMB is the perfect solution for those who are tight on space but who on the odd occasion need to have a larger table when entertaining.

[Image Source: QMB]

The QMB focuses on flexibility and options as it can be configured to offer up to a maximum of four stools. If you are alone and just need a surface to rest or work on the top of the table comes in at just thirty inches. If a couple of friends come around and you want to sit and have a drink, the table can be expanded.

[Image Source: QMB]

The Quad Micro Bar is not only a stylish and small piece of furniture; it can also be used in numerous different ways. The table top when the unit is folded up makes an excellent standing workstation. This is suitable for preparation of vegetables for instance, when cooking dinner or resting against for a quick read of the newspaper while waiting for dinner to finish cooking. Should you have more time you can simply pull out one of the seats, which are cleverly stored inside the unit, and sit down.

[Image Source: QMB]

There are four chairs in total and these all store up against the central base of the table, while there is also a handy shelf underneath the table top. The chairs lock into place securely and when needed they can easily and quickly be released and pulled out. The stools are the perfect height for working or sitting around socialising.

The shelf underneath the table top remains hidden from sight with all chairs stored away and is perfect for holding anything from work equipment, such as a laptop to bar supplies, magazines, books or your e-reader.

[Image Source: QMB]

The Quad Micro Bar is a very innovative approach to the conventional desk, whether used in the small office environment or in the kitchen or dining space. The clever design of the table ensures that you only use up as much space as you need at the time, while offering the freedom of being able to expand when you need it.

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