Get secure on the beach with the Beach Vault

Get secure on the beach with the Beach Vault

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We all have the same issue when it comes to hitting the beach for the day - where to put your belongings. This often includes your wallet, phone and watch among other valuables. You can’t leave them just lying under your beach towel as this is the first place a thief would look. You can’t take them out into the ocean with you if you go for a swim, so what do you do if you want to keep your possessions safe? Now there is an answer and it comes from an entrepreneur, by way of the Beach Vault.

[Image Source: BeachVault/BNPS]

The Beach Vault is a simple but very effective way of storing your possessions out of sight. It is a locker that is waterproof, which is buried 12 inches deep into the sand, very easily. It also has its own towel with a cut-out that has been specifically designed to provide you with easy access. It means that you can lie down on the towel over the top of your belongings to read, nap or chill out and they are perfectly safe.

[Image Courtesy of BeachVault/BNPS]

The beach vault was designed by Marcal DaCunha and he expects that it will retail for around £18. When laying down relaxing your valuables are stored safely 12 inches under the sand inside the waterproof container, which works as a screw so that you can easily get it down into position.

[Image Source: BeachVault/BNPS]

DaCunha is a church pastor in the US and he said that the idea came around after travelling to the beach with his wife. She had said that it would be great if they had a container that they could put their belongings in and hide them from prying eyes.

[Image Source: BeachVault/BNPS]

The whole idea is that if you are relaxing on your beach towel taking in the rays and you fall asleep, there is no need to worry about losing your things. The pair talked over the idea and then made a prototype, before going ahead and working with engineers and coming up with the Beach Vault.

[Image Source: BeachVault/BNPS]

The beauty of the Beach Vault is that it is under the sand and cannot be seen as it is covered with a special towel and an inflatable pillow. So even if you take a dip in the ocean, it just looks like your towel is laid there and nothing else.

[Image Source: BeachVault/BNPS]

Now Marcal is hoping to raise cash on a crowdsourcing website, which he will use towards making the Beach Vault and getting it onto the market.

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