Seagate Seven is thinnest 500GB hard drive

Seagate Seven is thinnest 500GB hard drive

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While the smartphones of today seem to be getting bigger and bigger, when it comes to laptops and computer they are getting smaller. The same applies to external hard drive storage and Seagate have designed the Seagate Seven. The hard drive can store 500GB and it has slim dimensions, making it very easy to carry around.

[Image Source: Seagate]

The Seagate Seven is only 7mm in thickness and it weighs in at 90 grams. It makes carrying all of your content around with you very easy. Seagate say that the hard drive is the thinnest half of a terabyte portable drive on the market.

[Image Source: Seagate]

Inside the 7mm enclosure is a 500GB 5mm HDD, which the company says has an industrial design. The enclosure surrounding it has been cut from 100% stainless steel using a “deep draw manufacturing process” which allows it to be tough and thin. The drive comes with USB 3.0 support offering high speed transfers and Seagate are giving away a braided USB cable in the price tag. There is also the Dashboard software of Seagate preloaded allowing consumers to be able to configure digital protection along with backing up their content.

While the Seagate Seven is a premium design the price tag doesn't really reflect what you'd expect.; release price of the drive is $99.99.

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