The Der Ziesel wheelchair for going off-road

The Der Ziesel wheelchair for going off-road

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Winter can become a nightmare for people with disabilities who are wheelchair bound, especially in regions where they get a lot of snowfall. Often they cannot get out and about in their wheelchairs and so they find themselves confined to their homes. Along with this, many disabled people would like to get out and about on terrain such as sand, mud and ice, but conventional wheelchairs just can't cope with such terrain. A new rugged all-terrain wheelchair could soon allow them to go wherever they want in the form of the Der Ziesel.

[Image Source: Derziesel]

The Der Ziesel wheelchair is a pretty badass wheelchair that can be taken over snow, sand, ice and mud. The wheelchair comes with its own automated heating system to keep the rider warm and snug in adverse weather, while driving the wheelchair is easy thanks to it being controlled by a joystick. It can be seen in the dark as it comes with LED lighting and it features an electric motor and double suspension.

[Image Source: Derziesel]

The wheelchair is able to traverse rough terrain thanks to it being able to maintain its balance without worry of the rider falling out of the chair and it can be configured for adults and children to use. Getting in and out of the chair is made easy due to the fact that the joystick control rises the seat of the wheelchair up so that the person sitting in it can rise slowly up until they can stand up and manoeuvre out of the chair.

[Image Source: Derziesel]

The Der Ziesel wheelchair has a price tag that starts from around $25000. You can check it out in action in the video below or head on over to the official website for more footage. Heck, I'm not disabled but I still want one of these!

[Image Source: Derziesel]

Watch the video: Extreme Offroad Tracked Wheelchair the Original Ripchair (September 2022).


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