13 Smart Gifts to Surprise Your Curious Engineer Friend

13 Smart Gifts to Surprise Your Curious Engineer Friend

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It can be very difficult to find a gift that will attract the brain of your engineer friend and steal their heart at the same time. They use the left side of their brain and think a little differently from the others. Therefore, while finding a gift you might want to push your brain a little harder.

You can buy an electronic device or maybe a small decor that is suitable for an analytical brain. Check out these gifts to find the smartest and nerdiest gifts you can buy for your engineer friend at any time of the year.


1. Special Edition Battle-Worn

Push the limits of your engineer friend's imagination.

This droid will make your Star Wars fan friend dizzy with happiness. If they've always dreamed of owning a droid, you shouldn't miss this deal. It can be controlled by BB-8 App on your smartphone or tablet. You can control it through gestures like push, pull, and drive. It'll steal your friend's heart while rolling across the room.

2. Magnetic Pen

This pen will allow you to create artistic works while doing assignments.

If your friend is a fidgety person, here is the perfect gift for them. It's not just a pen, it's also a finger fidget magnet toy. It's more than a writing tool for anxious people. Your friend can entertain themselves with this pen during a boring meeting or a lecture.

3. HTC Vive Virtual Reality System

Your engineer friend might be living in a different world, so give them an opportunity to create their own reality with this gift. To interact and explore the virtual world is a good idea for a curious engineer. HTC VR system comes with a headset, 2 wireless controllers, and a link box. It's fully immersive with a 360-degree controller, and it proves a flexible play area.

4. Wacaco Espresso Machine

As everyone knows, an engineer can't wake up without a coffee, and can't live without coffee breaks. Thanks to you, they won't need to wait for coffee breaks anymore, because every time is coffee o'clock with the Wacaco espresso machine.

With the help of the semi-automatic piston, small quantities of water are injected into the coffee adapter. Your engineer friend will definitely love this geeky gift.

5. AirPods Leather Case

In the world where everyone has an AirPods, let your best friend be the coolest person. It's made of premium genuine leather, so this gift will make your friend feel special and stylish. You can find the case in almost any color you want.

6. FOCUSPOWER Bluetooth Earbud

This is an earbud as smart as your engineer friend.

These Bluetooth earbuds are the smallest wireless ones. They conform with the shape of your ear and each one fits both ears. This will make their life comfortable and easy while they're working.

It can be connected to two separate devices at the same time. Also, it is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices.

7. Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine

After a long master-thesis, you and your friend might need a cocktail. How about you make it at home? You can just insert a cocktail capsule into the machine without any measurements. It allows you to make amazing cocktails like a professional barista.

8. POWERUP Smartphone Controlled Airplane Conversion Kit

You can give this gift to your friend who loves making paper airplanes and is interested in every flying thing. With the crash-proof design, PowerUp Airplane will double the pleasure of flying and provide a more intense flight experience.

It can be controlled directly from your smartphone.

9. Wireless Charging Dock

Your engineer friend can use this wireless charging dock to charge all of their smart devices. They can charge their phone and smartwatch with this gift simultaneously while they are sleeping.

10. LEVOIT Air Purifier

Fresh air and good breathing are important for the brain to work, so this gift to your engineer friend who forces their brain all day will make them quite happy. This purifier eliminates airborne bacteria, dust mites, mold spores, and allergens in the air, and neutralizes air dust.

They will be able to refresh their house's air and prepare their body and brain for the next exhausting day full of formulas.

11. Kneeling Chair

Especially computer engineers are the ones who know what it's like to work long hours at a desk in front of a computer. That's why the ideal gift for them is a kneeling chair.

Thanks to the kneeling chair, they can keep better posture and be more comfortable. It's an ideal gift to prevent stress and disorders caused by long working hours.

12. Bosch Laser Distance Measurer

This tool is for your civil engineer friend who always needs a credible tool to measure any length, distance and more. Your friend won't be able to keep this meter out of their pocket.

It's easy to use and with the press of a button, you can start to measure. The display makes reading in the dark possible. It is the must-have tool for civil engineers.

13. LYFE Levitating Plant Pot

If you have a friend who loves messing with gravity, this gift will make them crazy.

This is an aesthetically pleasing gift, your friend will love emptying their mind while watching it. LYFE flourishes with 360 degrees of sunlight exposure, and it is impossibly beautiful.

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