JBL to Release Solar-Powered Headphones

JBL to Release Solar-Powered Headphones

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Headphones are one of the most important things in life, especially for some people. And sometimes one can't choose between wires which you have to untangle anytime you want to listen to music or wireless headphones which will let you down in the middle of your favorite song because it's out of battery.

Now, JBL has great news for everyone who wants to listen to music without dealing with any of the things above; JBL's solar-powered headphones will deliver an unlimited amount of listening.


JBL needs the help of people to turn this into reality; its crowdfunding REFLECT Eternal over-ear, self-charging headphones, which will give you "virtually unlimited playtime."

According to JBL, REFLECT Eternal charges itself by turning light into energy. So more light, more power to the headphones. Unless you prefer to use the headphones in total darkness, they will always be charging. JBL states that an hour and a half outside during day time is enough for 68 hours of listening if the battery is fully charged.

But you don't have to worry about when you can't get enough daylight to charge the headphones, for example during winter, because JBL also has a solution for this; there's a backup! Just by plugging the headphones in through USB, you can get two hours of playback in 15 minutes.

JBL has already met the crowdfunding target it set for REFLECT Eternal, so if you pledge $99 before the campaign ends on January 14, you'll probably get the headphones around the estimated release date, which is October 2020.

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