Excessive Air Freshener Spraying Causes Man's Vehicle to Explode

Excessive Air Freshener Spraying Causes Man's Vehicle to Explode

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A driver in the UK's attempt to get the inside of his car to smell nice imploded when he accidentally blew up his car.

According to media reports in the UK, the driver used "excessive" amounts of an aerosol-based air freshener before lighting up a cigarette. The man was able to escape the subsequent explosion without major injuries, but the same can't be said of the car.


The explosion could have been worse

The West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service said on its website that the investigation is ongoing. The incident occurred on Fountain Street, Halifax at 15:34 on 14 December.

When the gas from the spray air freshener ignited it blew out the rear windshield and car windows and caused the doors to buckle. Police told the press the accident, which occurred while the car wasn't in motion, could have been much worse.

The accident was also captured on Twitter with one witness expressing amazement over the driver's ability to climb out of the car with no injuries.

A car explosion in Halifax Town Centre. What an enormous bang. I was in an adjacent bar.
Emergency services on scene in moments @[email protected][email protected][email protected]
Unbelievably the driver just climbed out. Thankfully there appears to be no injuries.

— Craig Chew-Moulding (@CraigMoulding) December 14, 2019

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