This Smart Eye Glass Cleaner Wipes Dirt from Your Glasses in Seconds

This Smart Eye Glass Cleaner Wipes Dirt from Your Glasses in Seconds

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Anyone who owns a pair of eyeglasses will tell you that there’s nothing more obnoxious (and potentially dangerous) than having dirt or grime obstruct your vision—especially if you’re on the road.

This Smartclean Eyeglasses Ultrasonic Cleaner ensures that you’ll never have to worry about smudges, fingerprints or dirt getting in the way of your vision, and it’s available for 20% off at just $69.99.

Say goodbye to dirty eyeglasses once and for all with this ultrasonic cleaner that works far more quickly and efficiently than traditional cleaners.

Instead of simply smearing existing dirt and grime around your lens, this smart cleaner gives you a perfectly clean lens in just five minutes—thanks to an advanced enclosure that doesn’t cause additional smudges.

You won’t even need any additional materials to use this cleaner since it only requires plain tap water in order to do its job.

Treat yourself to a perfectly clear and clean pair of eyeglasses with this Smartclean Eyeglasses Ultrasonic Cleaner for just $69.99—20% off its usual price.

Prices are subject to change.

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