Improve Your Focus with This Cognitive Biometric Device

Improve Your Focus with This Cognitive Biometric Device

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When it comes to being productive and successful in both your personal and professional lives, concentration is key, but even the most self-disciplined people in the world can have a hard time focussing on important tasks.

The FOCI: Focus-Boosting Wearable will help you understand how your mind actually functions so you can improve your focus and concentration across the board, and it’s available for over 30% off at just $69.

This simple cognitive biometrics device will help you get ahead by training you to reduce distractions and fatigue.

You’ll be able to capture multiple cognitive states in order to see when your mind is wandering and when it’s engaged—allowing you to preempt distractions by customizing a wide range of alerts that will tell you when your mind begins to lose focus.

This device also makes it easy to improve your breathing when you’re working on important tasks, thanks to cutting-edge meditative biofeedback technology.

Boost your mind and subsequently your productivity with a FOCI: Focus-Boosting Wearable for just $69—over 30% off its usual price for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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