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Audi Debuts the Audi AI:ME, a Fully-Automated Car with 'Empathetic' AI

Audi Debuts the Audi AI:ME, a Fully-Automated Car with 'Empathetic' AI

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Audi introduced their latest concept vehicle at CES 2020 this week, the Audi AI:ME, exploring the company's vision for the autonomous luxury car we can expect to see in the coming years. The AI:ME, according to the company, will represent the "third living space" alongside the home and the workplace of the consumer.

Audi AI:ME gives occupants the 'Audi Intelligence Experience'

The Audi AI:ME, the company's newest concept car, debuted at CES 2020 to explore Audi's vision for the future of luxury vehicles in the coming autonomous future. Pushing beyond a standard AI interface, Audi is hoping to push their in-car AI system to another level of interactivity and sophistication.

Hoping to create an "empathetic" AI, the company said that AI:ME "knows its user and their habits and uses intelligent functions combined with artificial intelligence to increase the passengers’ safety, wellbeing, and comfort... In the future, the car will also conduct a precise analysis as to the functions and settings that its user prefers, ranging from the seat position, media, route guidance, and temperature to the fragrancing of the interior. After a short time, the empathetic Audi is familiar with the user’s preferences and implements them autonomously."

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