These Have to Be the Coolest Instruments You'll Have Ever Seen

These Have to Be the Coolest Instruments You'll Have Ever Seen

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If you can name all the knick-knacks that are used in this Spanish creator's musical instruments, you deserve a medal.

Musical instrument sculptor Bichopalo, from Valencia, Spain creates insanely incredible instruments using tubes, jars, coconuts, plants, water, his pet parrots, amongst other things. They're not only aesthetically pleasing for the eyes but also soothing for the ears.


The "Plantyflutesizer"

Bichopalo named his latest magical contraption the "Plantyflutesizer." We're not so sure about the name but if you manage to get past that — and you should — what's waiting for you on the other side will bathe your ears into a trance all while making your pupils dilate with the delight of what you're watching.

Shared via his Instagram account just on Tuesday, Bichopalo's newest addition to his wonderful collection of instruments is awe-inspiring. As per his post, his work is still in progress, (how could it possibly get any better?) so we'll wait patiently for the final edition.

In the meantime, the musical master and creator explained that it took him not mere hours and days, but months to create the Plantyflutesizer (we promise that's the last time we'll mention the name). The main part of the instrument is a "sort of sequencer with 8 notes limit that can be combined on different patterns."

Then "an electric impulse actives a motor with an arm connected that hits a sensor running a pre-recorded note," explains Bichopalo.

But the highlight of his instrument is not only the incredible engineering, musicality, and pure creativity behind it, but his two pet parrots: Pico and Verdi. They even have a cameo in the video.

As Bichopalo rightly explains, "They are family, pure unconditional love, no matter what, specially these weird days of quarantine is needed more than ever."

No truer words were spoken. If it's anything to go by, Bichopalo is rocking quarantine by creating impressive instruments and spending time with his feathery friends. We could all take a page out of his quarantine book.

Now, watch and see for yourself!

Here are a few more of his creations, all as equally beautiful and creative as the next:

New song!#t

— bichopalo (@_bichopalo_) October 1, 2019

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