A Smart Safe That Lets You Monitor Your Items

A Smart Safe That Lets You Monitor Your Items

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We all have many important and treasured items we need to keep safe and often we debate about how to best achieve that. Should we hide them in our house? Is that enough protection or are there better solutions?

Introducing the award-winning Motorola Bolt Smart Safe. This connected smart safe sends 24/7 real-time security alerts to your smartphone reminding you and reassuring you that your valued belongings are kept safe and secure.

The safe offers real-time intelligent alerts via text, email, or the Motorola Smart Safe app. Better yet, all alerts are loud and come with bright visuals so they can not be missed.

The Motorola Bolt Smart Safe mounts to your wall using the included hardware, allowing you to place it in a key and safe position. The safe comes with easy-to-use mounting instructions as well as a mounting template.

The Motorola Bolt Smart Safe also offers a water-resistant keypad, humidity and odor control systems, an intelligent reminder system, and other security features. The safe can also be remotely opened and comes with a backup key for emergency access.

Finally, the safe offers the option of 1 year or 2-year warranties.

Keep your treasured items safe, secure, and connected with the Motorola Bolt Smart Safe now just $109.99 — over 14% off its usual price.

Prices are subject to change.

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