Build Your Own Business with this MBA Bundle for 2020

Build Your Own Business with this MBA Bundle for 2020

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MBAs are ideal for learning to build and maintain your own business. All engineers could use some MBA training but not all can afford the time or expenses it takes to get one.

This is where The 2020 Ultimate MBA in 1 Bundle Ft. Award Winning Business School Professor comes in. This bundle offers five courses from an award-winning VC, business executive, and Columbia MBA.

The first course, taught by an experienced former Goldman Sachs employee and venture capitalist, will dive into everything you need to know about business: from starting out to going public. Based on real-life experience, this course minimizes theory and uses concrete examples to give you all the business acumen you need to rise up the career ladder.

The second course is the most thorough financial analyst course available anywhere on the web and was designed specifically to prepare you to be competitive in the finance industry. The third course is a complete guide to finding a job.

The fourth course is packed with advice, tips, and lessons for those very things left out in a typical MBA program. Finally, the final course will help you make an incredible business plan from scratch.

Get all these five courses in on bundle now for just $24.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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