GMC Hummer Electric Pickup's New Teaser Trailer is Out

GMC Hummer Electric Pickup's New Teaser Trailer is Out

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GMC has released a new teaser trailer for its GMC Hummer electric pickup and it showcases an exciting new vehicle with impressive features. We already knew the new electric pickup truck will be equipped with 1,000 horsepower, 11,500 lb-ft of torque, and 0 to 60 mph acceleration in 3 seconds.


Now, we have learned that the new truck, to be unveiled this fall, will also feature an open-air infinity roof, modular sky panels, adrenaline and crab models, ultium battery, super-fast charging, and ultra vision camera.

"GMC announced today that its all-electric super truck will debut later this fall and will begin production in fall 2021. Details about the GMC HUMMER EV’s remarkable on- and off-road capabilities will be shared closer to its reveal," writes the truck's press release.

So, as of yet, we don't have any full images of the truck although the teaser trailer does showcase the vehicle being built as well as its impressive battery pack. The teaser trailer stars basketball superstar James LeBron.

The superstar was supposedly picked for the ad because he has "truly changed the game" himself just as the truck is bound to do. GMC says the truck will be the first-ever Hummer electric vehicle and the world’s first all-electric super truck.

Indeed, considering how polluting Hummers can be this latest development could truly change the game by providing an eco-friendly way of riding in style. GMC refers to the new truck as a "quiet revolution" and we can't help but agree.

However, for now, the electric pickup still remains much of a mystery. If you want to know more and stay updated as GMC slowly reveals all details, the firm offers email updates.

We know we will be signing up to be kept up to date. Will you?

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