15 Best Back-to-School Tech Gadgets for Virtual Classes

15 Best Back-to-School Tech Gadgets for Virtual Classes

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In a new era where online education is a part of our lives, our idea of shopping for school has subsequently changed. You can put the notebooks, Sharpies, and pencils back where they belong since now you need supplies that will keep you more connected.

Moving from the long summer days to the sleep-deprived nights for never-ending exams may seem a bit scary, but there are some devices that can make the virtual lessons fun and easier for you.


To tackle your daily tasks during online sessions, we have compiled a list of the best back-to-school tech gadgets. Scroll down to explore.

1. HP Pen

If this smartpen that will take your performance and productivity to the next level is still not on your list, it's time to add it now.

Thanks to its N-grig technology, it gives a true-to-life feel, so you will feel like you're writing on a paper. With this pen, you can draw and write as long as you want.

2. Lenovo Tab M10 Plus 10.3" FHD Android Tablet

You may not have the budget to buy a laptop, so you can start by buying a tablet. A tablet or laptop is one of the essential parts of virtual education, so a quality tablet that is suitable for every budget will save you in this period.

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus' camera and storage capacity can handle all the Zoom sessions.

3. Philips SHP6000 HiFi Stereo Wired Headphone with High Resolution Audio

If you are a student staying in a dormitory or have a large family, excessive noise is something you can never escape from. If you need your silence from time to time, then you should try this headset out.

Philips SHP6000 provides good sound isolation, so you can focus on your studies wherever you are.

4. Echo Show -Premium 10.1” HD smart display with Alexa

Echo Show will allow you to follow your online classes chapter by chapter without the need for a coffee break. Its premium speakers will let you listen to audiobooks in high-quality.

You can join your virtual classes anywhere you go since this display is so compact and portable.

5. iHome iBT297 Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio and Color Changing Wireless Speaker

iHome Bluetooth Alarm Clock is here to help you to get up and join your classes!

If you have problems leaving the bed in the mornings, you'll be glad to know that this clock comes with an FM radio to raise your mood. It also plays music from Spotify, iHeartRadio, and NPR. You can also answer and end calls with it.

6. Garmin 010-01769-01 Vivoactive 3

No more missing upcoming exams and scheduled lessons! Not only it keeps you up to date, but the Garmin smartwatch also lets you monitor your heart rate, stress levels, and movements, ensuring you don't miss a thing throughout the day.

You can also use it as a fitness assistant if you want. It's a great device for active students.

7. Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

Forget traditional notebooks, now you have a smart notebook that can sync with the cloud! Thanks to this environment-friendly notebook, you don't waste paper. It can be used endlessly by wiping: Just take notes and sync them with Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, or Slack.

You will be able to use this reusable gadget for all your classes.

8. AmazonBasics Full-Size Ergonomic Wireless PC Mouse

If you spend hours at the computer, you must be tired of the never-ending wrist pain, which is why this ergonomic mouse is perfect for you.

Amazon's ergonomically designed mouse is smooth and fits perfectly in your hand.

9. Fire TV Stick 4K bundle with Echo Dot (3rd Gen - Charcoal)

Binge watching is perfect for those post-exam nights. With the Amazon Fire Stick bundle, you get hands-free voice control. Just tell Alexa what you want to watch and she'll play it for you. You can watch your favorite movies from Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, and more.

This bundle comes with an Echo Dot that gives you an immersive sound experience at your movie nights.

10. Twelve South Journal CaddySack | Luxury Leather Travel Tote

Forget the cable mess in your backpack with this bag! If you like to study outside, then carrying your charging cables with you can get a big daunting. This bag, however, can help you with just that. With its sophisticated look, Twelve South travel tote has a special design that will set your apart from the rest.

11. Philips SmartSleep HF3520/60 Wake-Up Light

If your room doesn't get natural sunlight, Philips' SmartSleep is perfect for you. Not only it gives you access to numerous color options, but it is also inspired by the natural sunrise, waking you up in the most natural way.

You are free to choose the color that matches your mood, so it's the perfect gadget for a student dormitory room.

12. NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router

This Wi-Fi router will save your day while battling with exams and homeworks. With this router, you will get a steady connection wherever you are. It's also perfect for online gaming with up to 1750Mbps wireless speed.

13. Playstation Classic Console with 20 Classic Playstation Games

Your lessons may be very intense, but you should always have free time to have fun. PlayStation comes with 20 pre-loaded games. Since it's portable, you can take it anywhere.

14. OPOLAR USB Desk Fan

If you don't have air conditioning in your home or dormitory room, you need a fan on your desk. This particular one doesn't make a peep, so it won't bother you while studying.

It comes with 3 different speed settings. It's a small but powerful gadget for hot summer nights full of research.

15. AdirChef Grab N' Go Personal Coffee Maker

If you are one of the students who cannot start the day without taking the daily caffeine dose, this one is for you.

It keeps your hot or cold beverages at the desired temperature for up to three hours, so it lets you tackle the endless Zoom calls. It also an environmentally friendly coffee maker with its permanent filter.

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